Semalt Reveals Enterprise Trends For 2021

Having a business that scales is one of the primary goals of any entrepreneur. You want a business that meets a need and provides profits. To do this on a larger scale, you need to have a website. A website that exposes your products to the world, hence a larger audience. 

With a website, you need also to stand out. Your competitors are in the market as well, so you need a strategy that makes your website enjoy the most attention. Enterprise SEO improves your website, so it enjoys more revenue, traffic and brand recognition. 

How Important Is Enterprise SEO?

Without a proper search engine optimization strategy for your enterprise, you remain invisible to the internet. Yes, maybe a handful of people will know that you're online, but that's nothing compared to the traffic you enjoy when a search engine like google has your link on its first page if you have any plans on attracting qualified and converting traffic to your website, to need enterprise SEO. 

Search engines are a significant part of your success as a website. With over 68% of all online experiences beginning with the search on a search engine, you must recognize its significance. To prove the efficiency of a search engine like Google in meeting the needs of its users, only 0.78% of searches result in a click on its second-page search results. 

So not only should you be recognized by these search engines, but you must also be able to rank on the first page. 

There are a lot of steps you must take if you plan on staying on Page 1 of search engine searches. We will be highlighting some in this article. With this knowledge, it is possible to scale higher on SERP, gain more authority and grow as a successful business. 

SEO Areas To Focus On When Optimizing An Enterprise

User Experience

In the past few years, user experience has become a key point of emphasis in SEO. as a business; you must be able to satisfy your consumers. After all, that is why they choose your business over your competition. 

User experience is critical in boosting your SEO performance. Sites that top the SERP offer easy and useful experiences that allow their users experience a more pleasurable interaction with the site and brand. Users appreciate this and tend to stay on such sites for a longer period of time. 

Positive user experience also goes a long way in creating a strong bond between a user and a brand. Many times, consumers would end up recommending such businesses to colleagues and friends. This form of advertisement is totally free, and it is one of the most effective and convincing forms of advertisement. 

When optimizing for user experience, there are a lot of factors we must consider. A user experience on a site can be characterized by its speed, accessibility and clarity. 

These three characters form the foundation for creating a delightful user experience. 

Mobile-First Indexing

It isn't news that Google continues to modify its search algorithm to favor sites that have been optimized for mobile users. Enterprises enjoy a good number of keyword searches from mobile devices, so your site must be designed to meet the needs of mobile devices. 

Google recognizes this increase, so it ranks mobile-first websites higher than sites that are yet to optimize for mobile search. 

For mobile indexing, we consider:

Original Content

Original content refers to any published material you produced uniquely for your organization. These materials may be in the form of texts, images, videos, graphs, infographics, etc. 

High-quality content is considered a vital element for ranking on SERPs. And producing original content is the first step in that process. Google frowns at plagiarized content which means it would be next to impossible to rank using copied content. 

Original contents rank better and attract more audience because it is information that has never been seen on the internet before you came along. This makes that content fresh, relevant, and 100% original. Whenever someone uses it, they have to link to your brand as the original source. 

Search engines love to reward organizations who spend time and resources creating original and fresh content. To the users, this also contributes to a better user experience and up-to-date information on its primary subject. 

Voice Search

The evolution of screen-less smart devices and voice-enabled searches creates a new branch of SEO. Statistics suggest that about 55% of homes in America will have a smart speaker in 2022. Today, nearly 20% of all mobile searches are done using voice search.

There's no doubt that voice searches will continue to grow in their accuracy and popularity. 

To optimize for voice search, we must first understand the user intent. When we understand the intent of a searcher, we can restructure your website to answer questions your audience is actively searching for preemptively. 

Using schema also helps search engines understand the content of your website better by providing it with additional information about your brand, its products and the website as a whole. When search engine bots understand your site better, you become more visible. 

Featured snippets

Featured snippets or "position zero" are results that have been selected by the search engine for showing up as useful in satisfying the needs of users. With this advantage, it is quite important for brands to rank high for profitable keywords. If a page on your site can consistently rank in the top 5 for a particular query, you are likely to show up in Google's featured snippets. 

Knowing this is what motivates many brands to remain consistent in creating content that aids users in the research stage of the sales funnel. 

Googles E-A-T

Expertise Authority and Trustworthiness define the value of a site. E-A-T is part of Google's Quality Rater Guidelines, which is used to evaluate sites and their quality. 

Although E-A-T is not a ranking factor, we treat it like one. We do this because E-A-T tells us what Google expects to find in content. 

In cases where the information provided by a website can cause serious harm if inaccurate or misinforming, you begin to understand why Expertise plays an important role. See how to improve your website's EAT (hyperlink this to the article on E-A-T).


In 2021, enterprise organizations need to consider these and more SEO trends. 

By improving your website and search experience, you unlock the gates to more relevant traffic, increased conversions, and increased sales. 

Our experts here at Semalt can help you introduce all of these and a lot more. With these improvements, you should meet and surpass your organizational goals this year and beyond.